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Sundays From Here On Out

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Last Sunday was the Super Bowl, an event so big it gets its own trademark. Next Sunday is the Grammy’s, hosted delightfully by person-who-will-knock-you-out LL Cool JJ. Then two Sundays from then, February 24th, is the Oscars, America’s only real awards show with any semblance of critical legitimacy.

But in between, on February 17th, Sunday will be dark. There will be no football, for the first time in months. No pageants, no glamour. Just Sunday. As empty as any other. On television there will be Downtown Abbey, and Girls, if you get HBO. The next day is President’s Day, a holiday some get off, but not enough people for a full-blown three-day-weekend with the pals. You don’t even know if you get off that day, and neither does anyone else in the office. You won’t ask, because you wouldn’t want to get your hopes up. Probably you will be at the office, thinking of ways to allay the persistent boredom and anxiety of futility that greats you at the start of a day in which nothing is produced and nothing is accomplished. You will work, but not really. The day is just an excuse for the post office to close, while you rue your employer and weigh your options for lunch on another cold, grey Monday in February. Soon, maybe, it will be March, and eventually May and spring and temperatures glorious, the season of love and beach holidays and barbeques outside in tank tops with boom boxes. But not this Sunday. The Sunday two weeks from now nothing will happen.


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February 4, 2013 at 5:35 pm

Recipes For The Gross Food We Don’t Tell Anyone We Eat

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Fast food doesn’t have to come from drive-throughs or served in paper boxes. A few of the editors and contributors of Those Hovercrafts wrote out our favorite “homemade” fast food concoctions, the stuff we make when we’re already late to work, when cash is low, or after a fifth of whisky. There’s some bastardized ramen, cheese dip, lots of Sriracha and a sandwich of all expired food. Enjoy.

(And yes, moms. We make sure to eat fruits and vegetables and other stuff, too. Thanks for the concern.)

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March 7, 2011 at 8:00 am