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Wars: Always Bad

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the war in iraq

It has now been ten years since President George W. Bush committed the United States of America to military action in Iraq. That war was a mess in a lot of ways. But so is every other war, pretty much. Like remember these?

Barbary War
The first of many half-assed US incursions into Libyan territory.

War of 1812
Do you even know what happened in this war? There were some trade things and lingering bad feelings from the Revolutionary War, but what was solved? Nothing. Nothing changed. Nothing ever changes.

All Wars with Native Peoples
The Blackhawk War, Seminole War, Chikamauga War, Navajo Wars, Paiute War, Snake War, and Indian Wars writ large. A pretty embarrassing (and embarrassingly long) portion of our history.

All Colonial Wars In the Pacific
For a while there we were just everywhere. Fiji, Hawaii, Guam Philippines — we just landed on those palm tree’d paradises and killed other human beings.

Spanish-American War
Though in terms of irony, the establishment of a colonial power by participation in wars for other countries’ independence is kind of a good joke.

Civil War
In which half the country liked owning people so much they were willing to go to war for it, despite a lack of industry, economic infrastructure or feasible path to military victory, and thus doomed the southern half of the United States to 150+ years of poverty and disenfranchisement.

All Engagements in South America
Nicaragua, Argentina, Chile. Half of them blew up in our faces, and the rest just fizzled. 

World War I
Settled European politics for a whole 20 years.

The Cold War
Literally, “Those people believe something different than me so I might end the entire world.”

Vietnam War
Though in fairness, it inspired the best music.

Korean War
Really solved that North Korea problem.

Gulf War
Not only a war for oil that was all undone in a decade, but also led to the formation of al Qaeda.

Any of the Campaigns in Afghanistan, Yemen, Mali, Pakistan, or Somalia in Which the United States of America is Still Killing People


Written by thosehovercrafts

March 19, 2013 at 10:34 am

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